Sodium Sulfate Used For Ferrous Metallurgy

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Sodium Sulfate Used For Ferrous Metallurgy
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【Physical Character:Sodium sulphate, colorless and transparent, sometimes light yellow or green, soluble in water.White, odorless, bitter crystallization or powder, hygroscopic.The shape is colorless, transparent, large crystallization or granule crystallization.Insoluble in strong acid, aluminum, magnesium, moisture absorption.Exposure to air is easy to absorb moisture and become a sodium sulfate.241 ℃ into six square crystal.It is easily hydrated in humid air and is transformed into powdered sodium sulfate covering the surface.


National Standard:GB/T6009-2003


Index nameSpecification
Sodium sulfate(Na2SO499.399.
Water insoluble %
The resultant  of

calcium-magnesium(Mg)%  w/%
Moisture %
Whiteness  (R457)%


Application:Chemical industry is used to make sodium silicate sodium silicate water glass and other chemical products.A cooking agent used for making sulphate pulp in the paper industry.The glass industry is used to replace soda as a solvent.Textile industry is used to deploy vinylon spinning coagulant.Used for ferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.Used to make sodium sulphide, pulp, glass, water glass, porcelain glaze, also used as antiseptic agent and barium salt poisoning.

Package:25Kgs/Plastic woven bags;1000kgs/Bag or as requested.


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