Zinc Oxide In Rubber Products


    Zinc oxide is the active agent of natural latex. Sometimes used as a reinforcing agent and colorant. According to different production methods, it can be divided into indirect zinc oxide, direct zinc oxide and active zinc oxide. It is the most important inorganic active agent in the rubber industry. Adding rubber can not only speed up the vulcanization, but also increase the degree of crosslinking. It has an activation effect on thiazoles, sulfenamides, anthraquinones and thiuram accelerators. Widely used in all kinds of rubber products, especially for transparent rubber products and products in contact with food.

zinc oxide

    50% of the industrially produced zinc oxide flows to the rubber industry. Zinc oxide and stearic acid are important reactants for rubber vulcanization and are one of the raw materials for rubber manufacture. The combination of zinc oxide and stearic acid enhances the degree of hardening of the rubber. Zinc oxide is also an important additive for automotive tires. In addition to vulcanization, zinc oxide can greatly improve the thermal conductivity of rubber, which helps the heat dissipation of the tire and ensures safe driving. Zinc oxide additives also prevent the erosion of rubber by mold organisms or ultraviolet light.


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