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    On May 7-9th three-day-visit in Jiangxi Zhuote Environmental Protection and Technology Co.,LTD., our 10 sales teammbers have a further understanding and digestion of the production teniques and processes of zinc oxide.

    Our factory adopts ACID PROCESS to produce zinc oxide. The raw material mainly includes zinc hypoxide, concentrated sulfuric acid, sodium bisulfide, zinc powder, sodium carbonate, etc. 

    There are 4 processes for manufacturing zinc oxide:

   1. Lixiviation. put zinc hyoxide to waste acid, remove plumbum, add hydrogen peroxide solution to remove iron, generating zinc sulphate solution.

zinc oxide

zinc oxide powder

2. Vulcanization, Settling, Purification. Add sodium bisulfide to remove copper, zinc powder to remove cadmium, getting pure zinc sulphate solution.

zinc oxide products

3. Compouding basic zinc carbonate. Add sodium carbonate to pure zinc sulphate solution, use soft water to wash, drying, and get basic zinc carbonate solid.

zinc oxide

4. Calcination. Use natural gas to calcinate basic zinc carbonate solid and then produce finished goods- ZINC OXIDE.

zinc oxide powderzinc oxide products

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