Warm congratulations successful completion of Jiangxi project comprehensive treatment of waste acid


Smelting flue gas waste acid comprehensive environmental management technical transformation project in Jiangxi Xiang Sheng original infrastructure environmental protection science and technology limited company on the upgrade, the Zhuzhou Sante environmental protection and energy saving construction and operation of the Limited by Share Ltd, investment projects, a total investment of about 80 million yuan, covers an area of about 35 acres, annual production of 10 thousand tons and 10 thousand tons of high purity anhydrous sodium sulfite Zinc Oxide. The amount of sulfur dioxide is about 3500 tons in the year, and about 26000 tons of waste acid water is treated. After the treatment is completed, no waste water and waste residue are discharged, and the tail gas is discharged to the standard. After the completion of the project, the annual sales will be nearly 300 million yuan, and the net profit will be 11 million yuan.


The start up of technical renovation project of smelter flue gas waste acid and environmental protection and comprehensive treatment indicates that the environmental emission index of Jiangxi Xiangsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will take a new step and solve the worries of Xiangsheng company's environmental emissions. At the same time, also marks the development of Zhuzhou Sante environmental protection and energy saving Limited by Share Ltd has taken a crucial step, which laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. The company believes that, in the local government under the care of, in cooperation with Xiangsheng company, we smelting flue gas waste acid comprehensive environmental technology engineering project can be built as soon as possible, and the standard of production.


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