Use and characteristics of feed grade zinc oxide (ZnO)


Use and characteristics of feed grade zinc oxide (ZnO)

Feed grade zinc oxide (ZnO) is an oxide of zinc. Hard to dissolve in water, soluble in acid and alkali. It is a commonly used chemical additive. Compared with other varieties of zinc oxide, it has special requirements on the index: zinc oxide content can not be lower than 95, zinc content can not be lower than 76.3, heavy metal content lead, arsenic, cadmium can not be greater than 10 Ppm. The requirements for the production process are relatively high, and the health indicators of the direct method are not up to standard. Only the wet method can be used, and after repeated replacement and reduction, strict process control can meet the corresponding index requirements.


The premixed feed is produced and added as a general feed directly to the finished feed.

Application characteristics

1. Compared with other zinc sources, zinc oxide has a significantly lower cost per unit of zinc, which is beneficial to the lower cost of feed additives. The added amount is equivalent to 44% of zinc sulfate monohydrate and 28% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate.

2. Zinc oxide is a dry powdered zinc source with good stability in feed, no water, no agglomeration, no change, easy for feed processing and long-term storage. It has little effect on the vitamins in the feed.

3, zinc oxide as a source of zinc, more easily absorbed by animals than other sources of zinc, zinc supplementation effect is good.

Precautions for use

Excessive addition of high zinc does not promote the growth of piglets. Excessive zinc supplementation is ingested by animals, absorbed by the digestive tract, and distributed throughout the tissues and organs of the body through the blood. Since these metals cannot be decomposed or rarely absorbed by themselves, they are rarely reduced by biotransformation in animals. It is toxic and thus accumulates gradually in the body. It exerts its toxic effects by combining with the organic components of the body, and it also causes environmental pollution.

Upstream and downstream products


Raw materials for the production of feed grade zinc oxide use zinc oxide, sulfuric acid and soda ash.


Compound mining customers, manufacturers of organic zinc additives, feed grade zinc oxide directly added to the feed.

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