Titanium dioxide tinting strength test method


There are two methods for testing the tinting strength of titanium dioxide: 1. Relative achromatic force method; 2. Reynolds.

Tinting strength is the result of the absorption and scattering of light by the pigment. Colored pigments, the absorption of light plays an important role, and the white pigment (titanium dioxide) depends on the ability to scatter light.

The larger the refractive index, the higher the tinting strength/achromatic power, so titanium dioxide is the highest among white pigments, and rutile titanium dioxide is larger than anatase titanium dioxide.

The tinting strength/achromatic power of titanium dioxide has a great relationship with its particle size, particle size distribution and dispersibility. Specific factors:

1. The color reduction of titanium dioxide is related to its scattering ability and refractive index;

2. The size, shape, structure and strength distribution of the particles have a significant effect on the color reduction of titanium dioxide. The achromatic power increases with the decrease of particle size and the uniformity of particle size.

3. The color reduction of titanium dioxide is also related to its preparation conditions.

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