titanium dioxide rutile vs anatase


It is well known that the first use industry of titanium dioxide is the coating industry, and titanium dioxide is an indispensable part in white paint. The titanium dioxide raw material is titanium dioxide, which is a white powdery substance. The classification of titanium dioxide is described in detail below.

Titanium dioxide is divided into two types, namely rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide. At present, the rutile type accounts for 75-80% of the world's titanium dioxide consumption, and the anatase type only accounts for 20-25%. What is the difference between the two titanium dioxides that belong to the titanium dioxide series? The main difference is the performance.

titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide for rutile pigments is used in outdoor paints such as automotive paints, marine paints and alkyd enamels. For durable plastic products, rutile titanium dioxide is also required to increase weather resistance. Rutile titanium dioxide is also used in the ink printing industry, and anatase pigments are used for the production of white and light interior paints. Anatase titanium dioxide is also widely used as a coloring agent and a filler for paper, rubber and plastic products. Titanium dioxide for chemical fibers is used as a matting agent in synthetic fibers, titanium dioxide for metallurgy is used to make titanium-containing high-temperature resistant alloys, titanium dioxide for enamel is used as an opacifier in enamel, and titanium dioxide is used as a coating for welding electrodes. Residues and plasticizers, titanium dioxide for capacitors are the main raw materials for the manufacture of radio ceramic capacitors.

Titanium dioxide has superior pigment properties such as high color loss, high hiding power, high reflectivity, and low specific gravity, and is the best of white pigments. The lattice of rutile titanium dioxide is denser than that of anatase titanium dioxide, which is relatively stable, has good weather resistance, water resistance and is not easy to yellow, and is not powdered, but has a slightly lower whiteness and is suitable for outdoor use. pigment. Anatase titanium dioxide has a large lattice space, is relatively unstable, has poor weather resistance, is easy to yellow, and is easy to be pulverized, but has a high whiteness and is suitable for the production of indoor pigments. Anatase titanium dioxide can be converted to rutile titanium dioxide at 915 °C.

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