Titanium dioxide in paper making industry


  Titanium dioxide's third-largest user in papermaking industry.

  Considering the cost of production in general will not use titanium dioxide in low-grade paper, the main use of porcelain clay, talc, calcium carbonate, etc., but they will reduce the strength of paper, increase the weight of the paper.

  Decorative paper, bible paper, and paper must be used in the titanium dioxide (such as dictionaries, posters, magazine covers, computer, money, copier paper and decorative paper, etc.)   Effect:Good whiteness, high strength, luster, thin and smooth, does not penetrate when printing,Under the condition of same opacity 10 times higher than the calcium carbonate and talcum powder, weight can reduce 15% ~ 30%.

  Decorative paper also called titanium white paper, is mainly used for making furniture, floor, wallpaper and raw materials.The covering power of rutile type titanium dioxide, so in high ash used in the paper of rutile type titanium dioxide.

                     titanium dioxide

  Requirement for the quality of titanium dioxide papermaking industry as follow:

  1.Covering power:High covering power of titanium dioxide, the price is high, less dosage, so the cost of every tons of titanium dioxide in the paper may lower;Covering power is low titanium pigment, with low price but big amount, leads to the higher costs per ton paper in titanium dioxide;

  2.Whiteness:Titanium dioxide's whiteness decide the appearance of the paper;

  3.Dispersibility:Now the paper making process is generally use of dispersants, therefore, titanium dioxide’s water dispersion difference is small;

  4.weather ability:Rutile type titanium dioxide can satisfy most weather resistance requirements of paper;

  5.Retention:Paper making industry was carried out on the filtration of water reuse, or with retention agent, titanium dioxide recovery rate of 99% or more commonly, preserve the index, because the international big company of titanium white in pushing the paper special titanium white both at the same time provide retention agent formula and method of use, in order to improve the service quality, increase product competitiveness.

  Factors influencing the quality of decorative base paper:

  Absorption, performance, strength, whiteness and cover, smoothness, and evenness.

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