titanium dioxide coating


Application of titanium dioxide in coating industry

1, paint definition

A coating is a general term for a class of liquid or solid materials that are applied to the surface of an object to form a solid coating with protective decoration or other special effects.

2, the classification and composition of the paint

There are many classification methods for coatings, which can be divided into varnish and color paint according to their presence or absence of pigments; according to their forms, they can be divided into water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings, powder coatings, high-solid coatings, solvent-free coatings, etc. Architectural coatings, automotive coatings, wood coatings, etc.; according to its construction methods can be divided into painting, dipping paint, baking varnish, electrophoretic paint, etc.; according to its construction process can be divided into primer, putty, two coats, top coat, cover light Paint, etc.; according to its effect can be divided into insulating paint, anti-rust paint, anti-corrosive paint.

The composition of the coating is mainly composed of a film-forming substance, an organic solvent or water, a pigment and a filler, and an auxiliary agent.

titanium dioxide

Focus on titanium dioxide coating in paint formulation design

1, color factor 2, opacity factor 3, dispersive factor 4, achromatic force factor 5, oil absorption factor 6, chemical composition factor 7, light resistance, weather resistance factor 8, gloss factor 9, volatile factor 10, resistance Rate factor

Selection of titanium dioxide varieties in paint formulation design

In the design of coating formulations, the amount of titanium dioxide accounts for a large proportion of the cost of raw materials, while the variety of TiO2 products, all products are designed for certain properties, with different product characteristics. Different types of coating products should choose different characteristics of titanium dioxide as a pigment to make it have excellent product performance. 

In coating formulations, in addition to choosing the right titanium dioxide, another key issue is how to determine the optimal amount of titanium dioxide. This depends on the hiding power of the coating, but is also affected by other factors such as PVC, wetting and dispersibility, film thickness, coating solids and other pigments.

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