Product differentiation establishes market price


    At present, the polarization of the domestic titanium dioxide market is gradually appearing. The prices of large or characteristic enterprises such as Longconda Baili, Shandong Dongjia, Zhongnun, Ningbo Xinfu, Yunnan Donghao and so on are generally around 18000 yuan / ton in the market. And export advantage is obvious, and some enterprises because of brand, product homogenization and other problems, often more pressure, their product prices are also lower, generally at 15500 yuan / ton.

     The product differentiation has established the market price superiority, this is our country titanium white industry in recent years diligently, is in the past "malignant" competition low price snatches the customer the reflection and the progress, is the management idea promotion. With the strict "normal" environmental protection, titanium dioxide enterprises are investing more and more in environmental protection. The cost of production factors such as raw materials, labor, water, electricity, natural gas, packaging materials, etc., has been greatly increased, and the management fee for solid waste (titanium gypsum) treatment has been increased by a large margin. The cost pressure caused by shipping costs, large enterprises compared to small enterprises, their capital, resources advantage is obvious, in terms of capital, resources cost advantage occupied "favorable weather," on the contrary, small enterprises face more difficulties in survival. Its cost is obvious, and the market sale price can not compare with others, so it may be difficult to survive in the big wave of supply-side reform. 

    Under the guidance of the national circular economy policy and the environmental protection management work, titanium dioxide enterprises should unswervingly take the road of innovation, clean production, energy saving and reducing consumption, and reduce emissions and increase efficiency, which is the key work of the industry at present. 

    For enterprises, We should change our ideas to seize the opportunity, work hard on product upgrading and product quality, and our advantages will not fall out of the sky, without advantages to create advantages in order to reduce "danger" and find "opportunities" in a crisis, to upgrade corporate culture, and to upgrade technology. Environmental protection to promote emission reduction and a series of measures to improve their core competitiveness, to strengthen enterprises, to do a good product is the last word.

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