The First China-Africa Economic Trade Expo



    The First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo kicked off in Changsha, capital of central China's hunan province, June 27, 2018. With the theme of "win-win cooperation, pragmatic promotion of China-Africa economic and trade relations", the expo focuses on key areas such as trade promotion, investment promotion, agricultural technology, energy and power, cooperation parks, infrastructure and financing cooperation.

    We are very honored to attend the Seminar on China-Africa Bilateral Trade Promotion. In the seminar, Jofre Van-Dunem Junior, Minister of Trade, Angola, mentioned, African countries are rich in agricultural products, and natural resouces, and hope to learn more technologies from China, and improve  its trade infrastructure; improve trade facilitation between China and Africa; the establishment of China-Africa e-commerce cooperation mechanism.

    On June 28th, we join in the expo site, where we find some textile, fruits and vegetables, water treament and detergent companies, and our items sodium metabisulfite food gradeSodium Sulphate Anhydrous Glauber Saltsodium sulfite anhydrous can be applied. Sodium metabisulphite is widely used for water treatment and food industry as preservatives; Sodium sulphate anhydrous can be used for washing and detergent and color fixing agent, vinylon spinning coagulant. Sodium sulphite anhydrous can be used as deoxidizer and bleaching agent. So, there is great cooperation potential with African countries. 

    China is the biggest exporting country of Africa for 10 years. With the openning of the expo, we firmly believe there are more economic cooperation between China and Africa in the near future.

   sodium metabisulfite

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