Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate Introduction


Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate(sodium bicarbonate of soda/hypo) is a colorless and transparent crystal and a hydrate of sodium thiosulfate.It loses its crystalline water by weathering in dry air above 33℃.It is stable in neutral and alkaline solutions, and rapidly decomposes in acidic solutions.Colorless transparent monocline crystal, odorless and salty, with a specific gravity of 1.729. When heated to 100℃, 5 crystalline water is lost.Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, decomposed in acidic solution, with strong reducibility.It is easy to weather in dry air above 33℃, and has deliquescence in moist air.

sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate

Used as fixative in the photographic industry. Used for electroplating, purifying water and tanning leather, it is also used as reducing agent in chemical industry, dechlorination agent after bleaching cotton fabric, sulfur dyeing agent for wool fabric, white preventing agent for indigo dye, dechlorination agent for pulp, detergent, disinfectant and fading agent in pharmaceutical industry.

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