sodium pyrosulfite food additive


    Sodium metabisulphite food grade can be used as bleaching agent and swelling agent in biscuit and cake production, nutrient retention agent in vegetable dehydration, antistaling agent for fruit storage, antiseptic agent for brewing and beverage. 

    At present during the processing and preservation of light colored vegetables, such as mushroom, lotus root, water chestnut, white asparagus, Chinese yam, and etc., sodium metabisulfite solution is used for color protection. During the processing of canned mushroom, fresh mushroom is transported to processing factories by wet transportation, also by dry transportation. At the time of the takeover in producing place, fresh mushroom is immersed two times in a timely manner by 0.03% sodium metabisulfite solution, 1 to 2 minutes every time. And then immersed into vat and transport to factories, cook for 5.7 minutes by 0.07 to 0.1 citric acid, mushroom after the processing owns good color and flavor. Mushroom can processed by raw materials after color protecting also owns good color and flavor. Moreover, the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in mushroom is not more than 10g/kg.

sodium pyrosulfite


    In biscuit industry, sodium metabisulphite na2s2o5 is used as biscuit dough conditioner. Before use, sodium metabisulfite food grade is prepared into 20% solution, during the dough modulation, add sodium metabisulfite into immature dough. The released sulfur dioxide during the dough modulation has debilitating effects for dough gluten, if flour gluten has big strength and toughness, add small amount of sodium metabisulfite, can prevent cookies deforming caused by excessive force. For ductile dough sodium pyrosulfite food additive can be added according to flour gluten situation. In pastry dough with high oil sugar ratio, sodium metabisulfite should not be added. This is because the adding of oil and sugar can prevent imbibition of gluten protein, prevent the formation of a large number of gluten, so no need to add sodium metabisulfite.  

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