Main use of sodium metabisulfite


Main use of sodium metabisulfite

Product Name: sodium metabisulfite Chemical name: sodium metabisulfite: also known as dithiopentate


The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce chloroform, phenylpropyl sulfone and benzaldehyde. The rubber industry is used as a coagulant. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a dechlorination agent and cotton scouring agent after cotton bleaching. The tannery industry is used for leather treatment, which makes the leather soft, plump and tough, with waterproof, anti-folding and abrasion resistance. The chemical industry is used to produce hydroxy vanillin, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, and the like. The photosensitive industry is used as a developer or the like. The food industry is used as a bleaching agent, preservative, bulking agent, antioxidant, color protectant and preservative.

Chemical aspects

It is used for the production of insurance powder, sulfamethazine, analgin, caprolactam, etc., as well as the purification of chloroform, phenylpropane sulfone and benzaldehyde. The photographic industry is used as a fixative for the fixer. The perfume industry is used to produce vanillin. Used as a preservative for brewing industry, a rubber coagulant and a bleaching agent for cotton bleaching. Organic intermediates, dyes, and tanning are used as reducing agents for electroplating, wastewater treatment in oil fields, and as a mineralizer for mines.

Industrial aspect

It is used in printing and dyeing, organic synthesis, printing, tanning, pharmaceutical and other departments; as a preservative, bleaching agent and loosening agent in food processing.

Used as a chemical reagent

(Printing and dyeing, photography, etc.), used as bleach mordant, reducing agent rubber coagulant, also used in organic synthetic pharmaceuticals and spices.

Sodium metabisulfite

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