Main factors affecting the dispersibility of titanium dioxide


Titanium dioxide professionals are well aware that dispersibility is a major factor affecting the quality of titanium dioxide, so special attention should be paid to the dispersion of titanium dioxide throughout the manufacturing process. so, what are the factors that cause the problem of titanium dioxide dispersion? In this essay, combined with the preparation and processing, after a lot of analysis, the factors affecting the dispersion of rutile titanium dioxide in water system are briefly introduced.

What are the factors that cause the dispersion of titanium dioxide?

First, Salt content

The salt content is only the magnitude of the resistivity. In titanium dioxide, according to the principle of the electric double layer, the negatively charged particles are anion-compressed, which causes a large decrease in the zeta potential, and the stability of the dispersion is greatly lowered. In the treatment of rutile titanium dioxide, it has been found that a large amount of impurities are usually introduced into the surface, and many common anions and cations are common. Although each manufacturer produces the same product parts, the surface treatment is almost the same, and the surface treatment is improper, which introduces a large amount of impurities, which has a great influence on the dispersibility.

If the salt content is too high, it will also have an effect on the dispersibility of the oil system because it usually has little effect on the oil system. One point is that it proves that too high resistivity does not make much sense, it only increases the cost. This is the need for titanium dioxide according to different needs. It is necessary to increase some costs, so that the dispersion of titanium dioxide becomes better.

Second, PH value of the system

The pH is the normal value of product dispersion, but in the production process, this is not the manufacturer's decision, but we still need to understand. During the preparation of titanium dioxide, the pH range is very large and the pH is affected by different types of titanium dioxide. According to practice, in different titanium dioxides, the isoelectric point is very different, and the surface treatment of the product affects the change in pH.

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