Introduction to sodium metabisulfite process


1. Introduction to sodium metabisulfite process

Sulfur dioxide gas can come from sulfur incineration, pyrite, hydrogen sulfide incineration or other tail gas, now taking sulfur as an example.

1) After the sulfur is melted, clarified, and efficiently filtered, it is added to the sulfur-burning furnace by a sulfur pump.

2) After the air is compressed, dried, and purified, it is ignited by sulfur burning furnace and incinerated with sulfur to form SO2 gas (furnace gas).

3) The furnace gas is cooled by the waste boiler to recover the steam, and then enters the sulfur removal reactor to remove the sublimed sulfur in the gas to obtain a pure gas having a SO2 content of 20.5% by volume. Enter the coke sodium synthesis reactor.

4) Soda ash is transferred from the soda ash tank into the alkali tank, and mixed with the mother liquor (the first base with tap water) to prepare a certain concentration of the suspension.

5) The alkali solution is pumped into the third-stage pyrolysis reaction tank to react with the secondary sulfur dioxide gas.

6) The sulfur dioxide gas enters from the first stage reactor, passes through the 1, 2, 3, and stage reactors in turn, and the tail gas enters the tail gas scrubber.

7) After the first-stage reactor material is qualified, the qualified material is placed in a centrifuge to achieve solid-liquid separation. The solid (wet coke sodium) enters the airflow dryer and is dried by hot air to obtain a finished product of coke sodium. The mother liquor is reused to the base.

8) After the primary material is discharged, the secondary material is placed in the first stage, the third-level material is placed in the second stage, and the alkali-containing liquid is sent from the alkali-containing tank to the third-stage kettle.  

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