Introduction and application of anhydrous sodium sulfite


Introduction and application of anhydrous sodium sulfite

Properties: white crystal or powder; Odourless. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and almost insoluble in ether.

Soluble in water (0 ℃, 12.54 g / 100 ml water. 80 ℃ at 28.3 g / 100 ml water), highest solubility in 33.4 ℃ approximately 28 g, alkaline aqueous solution, the PH value is about 9 ~ 9.5. Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in liquid chlorine and ammonia. In the air is easy to be oxidized into sodium sulfate, high temperature will be decomposed into sodium sulfide. In order to strengthen the reductant, it reacts with sulfur dioxide to form sodium bisulfite, and reacts with strong acid to form corresponding salt.

Used as catalyst in addition phase of urea - formaldehyde resin synthesis. As a reducing agent, it can protect materials sensitive to oxygen. Also used as an anti - aging agent, anti - oxygen agent, neutralizer.

Anhydrous sodium sulfite

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