2017 China International Industrial Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition


    The 2017 China International Industrial Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the 13th China International Water Treatment Chemicals Exhibition (CleanWaterChina + WATERCHEM2017, hereinafter referred to as International Industrial Water Treatment Exhibition) hosted by China National Chemical Information Center, January 20 in Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening. National Energy Bureau leadership, the Shanghai municipal government leaders, CEC leaders, CEC chairman, vice chairman of the unit leaders, leaders of China National Chemical Information Center and some leading business executives attended the show and see the opening!

    With the theme of "green water treatment and innovation first", the international industrial water treatment exhibition integrates upstream and downstream product lines of industrial water treatment, water treatment chemicals, testing and measurement, technology and equipment, environmental engineering and comprehensive solutions for industrial Field buyers to provide the whole industry chain exchange procurement platform. 2017 International Industrial Water Treatment Exhibition and China Electricity Council jointly organized the "2017 China International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition" and the "Eleventh Shanghai International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition" jointly held; the total exhibition area 50,000 square meters, bringing together the upper and lower reaches of industrial water treatment areas, energy-saving environmental protection and power equipment and technology industries more than a thousand well-known international companies to participate in exhibitors.

    2017 International Industrial Water Treatment Exhibition will continue to consolidate the water treatment chemicals professional exhibition on the basis of the first exhibition to continue with the depth of the meeting in the form of cooperation to better promote the effectiveness of suppliers, project contractors, buyers and traders Docking, while increasing trade associations and government participation and support, combined with online and offline media all-round promotion of publicity opportunities. The "2017 Workshop on Optimizing Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Power Plants", which was co-sponsored by "Industrial Water Treatment" on the opening day of the show, centered on the topics of "power plant treatment and optimization; process optimization of desalination water system; optimization of condensate water treatment technology and water saving; Circulating water ultra-high concentration ratio operation technology; water level utilization and wastewater treatment and reuse engineering technology; zero-emission desulfurization wastewater technology and practice "and other topics, from industrial water treatment and electricity field more than 200 industry experts and representatives Wonderful sharing, the Assembly received a warm response, guests and delegates received the praise. The "Symposium on Application of New Technologies for Papermaking Chemicals Development and Papermaking" to be held on the first day of the exhibition was held on the first day of the exhibition by the China Association of Paper and Chemical Industry, with more than 160 paper mills, papermaking associations, societies and related chemicals and Experts and representatives of equipment companies attend the meeting.

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