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The chemical industry permeates all aspects and is an indispensable and important part of national economy. It follows the path of sustainable development, which is of great practical significance for human economy and social development.

  • Enamel, chemical fiber, printing ink, rubber industry demand for titanium dioxid

    titanium dioxide as the strongest Emulsifiable gel in enamel,and is a kind of high refractive index white porcelain glaze.Request titanium dioxide high purity, less impurities, products of Fe2O3. Cr203 product causes yellow shade, so in enamel industry required purity is the lower the better.

  • Titanium dioxide tinting strength test method

    Tinting strength is the result of the absorption and scattering of light by the pigment. Colored pigments, the absorption of light plays an important role, and the white pigment (titanium dioxide) depends on the ability to scatter light.

  • Main factors affecting the dispersibility of titanium dioxide

    Titanium dioxide professionals are well aware that dispersibility is a major factor affecting the quality of titanium dioxide, so special attention should be paid to the dispersion of titanium dioxide throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Method for improving the application performance of titanium dioxide

    The whiteness of titanium dioxide has many influencing factors, including the influence of mineral resources, as well as equipment and key technologies.

  • Two types of Sodium Metabisulfite in Sante

    Industrial sodium metabisulfite is mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, leather, printing and dyeing and photographic industries. Food grade sodium metabisulfite is used in the food industry.

  • Core process of Titanium dioxide post treatment: coating process

    In order to make the properties of titanium dioxide more perfect, both the sulfate process and the chloride process are subjected to surface treatment to weaken the photochemical activity (enhanced weather resistance) of the titanium dioxide and improve the dispersibility thereof.

  • Difference between Sulfate process Tio2 & Chloride process Tio2

    1, the difference in particle size 2, the difference in particle size distribution 3.the difference in hue 4, the difference in dispersion 5, the difference in hiding power 6, the difference in price

  • Zinc Oxide In Rubber Products

    Zinc oxide is the most important inorganic active agent in the rubber industry. Adding rubber can not only speed up the vulcanization, but also increase the degree of crosslinking.

  • Main application of Food grade titanium dioxide

    Food grade titanium dioxide is mainly used in meat products, fish marinated products, confectionery, baked goods, cheese, sugar coatings, seasonings and food supplements. If used in combination with other pigments, it can produce a soft color. Because titanium dioxide is water-insoluble, it should be dissolved in a medium such as cooking oil, propylene glycol, syrup or an aqueous solution added to a thickener. Then proceed to the next step.

  • Titanium dioxide in paper making industry

    Decorative paper, bible paper, and paper must be used in the titanium dioxide (such as dictionaries, posters, magazine covers, computer, money, copier paper and decorative paper, etc.) Effect:Good whiteness, high strength, luster, thin and smooth, does not penetrate when printing,Under the condition of same opacity 10 times higher than the calcium carbonate and talcum powder, weight can reduce 15% ~ 30%.

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